Sentinel-Legion-AutoBuild-Myrmidon-Reconstitution (SLAM-R©)

The CENTS portfolio is different than other available solutions because of Metova’s patented capabilities in our SLAM-R© appliance. Sentinel-Legion-AutoBuild-Myrmidon-Reconstitution (SLAM-R) is the engine that brings fidelity and realism to our cyber range/test environments. The SLAM-R appliance affords our customers  the ability to train in an environment that looks and feels just like the real-world network.

SLAM-R is the engine that brings fidelity and realism to a cyber range/test environment. SLAM-R interfaces into the networked environment, both internally and externally, to complete the look and feel of the real-world network. The SLAM-R appliance is controlled/operated through a single Graphical User Interface (GUI). In a single integrated solution with a unified GUI, SLAM-R brings each CENTS platform ‘to life’ providing:

Virtual Machine Device Control – Snapshot & Restore Control – Network/Event Monitoring – Traffic Configuration Manager – Attack Configuration Framework – Scenario Builder and Execution Panel – Traffic Visualization – Out-of-band Management

SLAM-R© Data Sheet