Cybersecurity Network Training Simulator (CYNTRS®)

A CYNTRS unit contains the necessary components of a single mission partner network and can also be constructed to emulate multi-tiered environments. The CYNTRS platform is ideal for team training, capstone events, and exercises.

Hands-On Training Simulator (HOTSIM®)

A HOTSIM unit contains the necessary components of a single mission partner network. The HOTSIM platform is ideal for individual classroom or small team (1-3 people) training. HOTSIM and CYNTRS can represent a multi-tier environment.

Range Global Internet (RGI®)

The RGI has a look and feel comparable to the actual Internet. It provides for controlled and secure testing and training scenarios outside of the public realm. The RGI is completely virtualized, using open-source utilities where possible, and utilizes real IPs found in the global Internet structure. With the same open architecture as CYNTRS and HOTSIM, the RGI’s flexibility permits the incorporation of physical equipment (e.g. network or threat systems) and virtual appliances.

Virtualized Cyber Classroom Environment (VCCE®)

The VCCE provides a virtualized environment to conduct secure network defense and attack training and exercises. The VCCE provides sufficient space to host seven teams simultaneously – each team has its own local area network (aka pod). Each team can be comprised of up to six participants. The player computers need only have Remote Desktop installed so the players can access the virtual workstations in the VCCE. As an analogy, the HOTSIM is a single local area network; the VCCE is seven local area networks all interconnected. The VCCE is best suited for colleges, universities, and those teaching basic computer network defense.

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